Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life without Music... NEVER

Let's be honest, music is the only reason anyone has any will to survive whatsoever. So... why then are education systems cutting out the fine arts programs (which include music)??? Ever since I was a little girl I've loved running around my house singing to any popular song that would come on. As I grew older I joined school and church choirs. If it hadn't been for choir in high school I would've never made it through. Choir was were I met my best friends who helped motivate me to be a better person, it was also the reason I had any will to go to school at all.

Music is a major part of culture. Without it, we would be missing a certain part of our intellect that comes from listening to different cultures music. Music expresses emotions in ways that we could not speak. It's the simplicity of a melody that can make you feel sorrowful, happy, or pumped. Lyrics can provide a personal connection with anyone in the world, where a song's lyrics can relate to your life at that exact moment no matter how you are feeling, and you know for sure that someone else must have been feeling what you felt in order to write the song. How is it possible that someone could be cruel enough to take this away? Basically by cutting music programs you are taking away a productive form of expression for teenagers, which we all know is needed in order to keep away from destructive forms of expression. I need music as much as I need the air that I breathe or the colors that I see. Take it away from me and the world becomes gray. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for allowing me to have my hearing. It is something I will never take for granted especially since there are people in the world who can't hear.

I was thinking about this while I was at work and listening to music all day. Pretty much time flies whenever I am listening to my favorite bands. Work was really chill today. Tomorrow I go to school again, and actually start doing stuff. My cousin Michelle is helping me talk my mother into letting me go to France for two weeks next month. She just barely asked me today and seriously I can not think of something more amazing to do. Shopping in France?! I think so! But my mother is very cautious about letting me travel anywhere, so her answer will probably be no but it's still good to dream right? I guess we will just have to wait and see what the answer shall be ;)

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